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There are two types of trains: passenger trains and freight trains. Passenger trains transport people, and freight trains transport materials. Passenger trains differ significantly from one another in the maximum number of people they can transport.

Passenger trains[edit | edit source]

Commuter train Max. number of passengers: 200%
High-speed commuter Max. number of passengers: 180%
Passenger train Max. number of passengers: 160%
High-speed train Max. number of passengers: 140%
Express train Max. number of passengers: 120%
Super express train Max. number of passengers: 110%
Subway Max. number of passengers: 200%
Steam train Max. number of passengers: 100%

Freight trains[edit | edit source]

Freight train
Express freight train

Buying a Train[edit | edit source]

Open the Trains menu and click on 'Trains'. An overview of your trains will be displayed. Select a box that does not contain a train and click on 'Buy', or double-click on the box. A list of trains will now appear. Choose the train you wish to buy and click on 'Confirm purchase'. You have now bought the train, and it will appear in the box. You can design your trains to suit your preferences in regards to capacity, speed, cars, ticket prices, running costs, maintenance costs, etc.

Naming a Train[edit | edit source]

Names for trains that you have purchased can be generated automatically based on their route. If you click on 'Show names', the display in the vehicle box will switch to display names. You can now edit a name by clicking on it.