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To create a timetable from a station or track switch, click on a station or track switch to open the Timetables menu. In stations you can also switch between 'Information' (station information) and 'Timetables' (menu for setting up timetables).

Configuring a station[edit | edit source]

You can set up timetables for stations either via the 'Direction of departure' or the 'Operation mode'.

Direction Of Departure[edit | edit source]

The direction from which a train enters a station determines the direction in which it will leave.

  • Straight ahead: The trains will continue in the same direction.
  • Reverse: The train will reverse and return the way it came.

Operation Mode[edit | edit source]

The train that arrives at a station determines the settings for the next departure.

  • Stop: Use this slider to set the amount of time a train will wait at the station.
  • Time of departure: Use this slider to set the train's time of departure. You can also specify the period after which the next train is to leave.
  • Passing through: The train will not stop at the station.
  • Waiting for arrivals: The train will leave after another train has arrived at another platform.
  • Wait for train coming from the opposite direction: The train will leave only after a train coming from the opposite direction has passed (wait for arrival and departure).
  • Wait for passing train: The train will leave only after a train going in the same direction has passed (wait for its arrival and departure).
  • Individual departure times: You can define all departure times any way you like. (Note: This option is only available if you checked the box 'Apply individual departure times')