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A track switch must be built where two lines meet. They are also needed if you want to build a branch leading from one track to another track.

Configuring a track switch[edit | edit source]

You can set the track switches in 'Configure track switch'. When a train approaches a track switch, you can specify the direction in which it will proceed.

  • Straight ahead: The train stays on the line.
  • Branch off: The train switches to a different line.

The same settings are applied to all trains when they first go into service. Should you wish to change a train's timetable, or create a more detailed one, open the 'Options' menu, go to 'Timetables' and activate 'Set detailed timetables'. Defining departure times at stations When defining departure times for stations, you can set 'First departure', 'Interval until next departure' and 'End of service'. If the end of service has been set prior to the first departure, intervals will be set to exceed midnight.