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A-Train 9 Railway Simulator gives you a large choice in the look and feel and functionality of your stations. From small rural stations serving local communities to major passenger and freight hubs. Most station types allow you to choose the number of platforms and their length.

Station Types[edit | edit source]

  • Ground-level stations
  • Elevated stations
  • Terminals
  • Underground stations
  • Classification yards
  • Rural stations
  • Tram stops
  • Multi-level crossing stations
  • Depots

Building a Station[edit | edit source]

Open the Station menu and click on Build a station, then on 'Station' and finally on 'Build'. To build the station click on your desired construction site. Before building the station you can click to specify the station type, station name, station building, platform length, number of platforms (tracks), and building orientation. (Note: After you have built a station you cannot make any more changes, other than to extend it or change its name)

  • Click on 1 to specify the station type.
  • Click on 2 to specify the station name, station building, platform length, and number of platforms (tracks).
  • Click on 3 to specify the building orientation.

You can also change the building's orientation by clicking on either the left, right or middle mouse button